Lori Schouela
Blue MergeHeavenEarthBlue HydrangeaBlue Hydrangea (detail)Breakthrough in BlueBreakthrough in Blue (detail)Blue Crystal UniverseBlue Crystal Universe (detail)Karmic Universe in TurquoiseKarmic Universe in Turquoise (detail)Karmic Universe in BlueKarmic Universe in Blue (detail)Heaven's BreezeHeaven's Breeze (detail)Blue PeonyBlue Peony (detail)Blue ShimmerBlue Shimmer (detail)Shimmer of RoseShimmer of Rose (detail)Ocean BlueOcean Blue (detail)Transcendance in BlueTranscendance in Blue (detail)Monk's EyeMonk's Eye (detail)Orange LightOrange Light (detail)Half LotusIntertwined (detail)Intertwined (detail)Pink LotusPink Lotus (detail)Transcendance in PinkTranscendance in Pink (detail)Geometric SuspensionTranscendance in RedTranscendance in Red (detail)Subtle AcceptanceSubtle Acceptance (detail)RebirthCrystal Rose UniverseAngelic TransformationAngelic Transformation (detail)Angel's LaceAngel's Lace (detail)Mystic MauveMystic Mauve (detail)Intricate LaceInfinite AquaGolden MoonGolden Moon
Rose Petal Paintings
Rose petals imprinted on Mylar transparencies

I am interested in the transcending nature of consciousness and exposing its invisible elements. My paintings use playful and sensuous materials such as rose petals to explore and recreate the intangible energies of consciousness. These works take on a rich array of coalescing drips that inform the viewer of an ethereal transformation of suspended spirals.

In this body of work I deconstruct the rose, a feminine icon of passion and splendor to explore what lies beyond what is physically seen. The liquid medium finds its place in the chaos of its merging parts. I pour, wait and let things be. I am interested in mapping out the in between edges of the organic forms. The invisible becomes exposed. I have a deep interest in the intangible and unbounded where absence becomes visible. It’s the creation of the imperceptible that interests me. Accidents and the unpredictable all play into it.